The name Aikido is composed of three Japanese words: AI (harmony), KI (energy), and DO (way) .Aikido is a non-competitive martial art that develops the mind, body and spirit together. Rather than meet aggression and force with resistance, Aikido redirects an opposing force using circular movements to neutralize an attack. The goals are to take the opponents balance with timing and control rather than strength. The founding farther of Aikido; Morihei Ushiba (1882 – 1969),developed Aikido based on his lifetime study of Martial arts. Dis-satisfied with mere strength and technical mastery, Ueshiba developed the modern art of Aikido.
Sensei Hezie began training in Aikido at the Shudokan Headquarters in 2005 under Ken Robson Shihan and one of his earlier teachers at the Honbu dojo was Phil Musson sensei. In 2008 Hezie joined Phil and Rachael as an assistant instructor at Shudokan West Bridgford before joining the Honbu dojo as a full time instructor working directly with Robson Shihan.
In 2008 he was awarded his Shodan and in 2010 he was awarded his nidan, he took his sandan (3rd) in 2012 and continues to train and teach in all the sessions at the Eagle Dojo having joined our team again in 2013. 

Sensei Hezie  is also a British Aikido Board Level 1  Instructor.